Tulsi Mala (Rosary) 4mm

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Tulsi or Holy Basil is one of the most sacred of the woods used in Indian worship. It is believed that having a tulsi plant in the house will protect the people living in it and bring prosperity and spiritual abundance. Tulsi is considered a divine plant and a representation of a Goddess (Tulasi Devi). Likewise, the malas made of tulsi wood are considered very suitable for japa and meditation.

Tulsi represents Lord Vishnu, the symbol of purity. This Tulsi Mala brings health and peace. Tulsi clears the aura. It helps to balance vata and kapha doshas. Saying the mantra on Tulsi increases the spiritual power of the prayer, increases devotion and spiritual growth.

This Tulsi Mala contains 108+1 Round, 4mm Prayer Beads, strung in a thread without knots in between.

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