Om Prayer Shawl – Aum Altar Cloth

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This beautiful Om Prayer Shawl - Aum Altar Cloth depicts a traditional design with Om (Aum) and other Hindu sacred symbols. Great to wear during meditation or use as an altar cloth to enhance your practice. Makes a unique gift, too.

Surround yourself with the auspicious and sacred energy of this soft Om Prayer Shawl - Aum Altar Cloth, embellish your meditation room, and enhance your spiritual home decor.

Om represents the beginning and end of creation. Aum is the word of Power. Om is the Infinity. Aum is Eternity. Om is Immortality. Aum is the highest Mantra and all Vedic Mantras have emerged from Om. All mantras begin with Om. Aum is Nada Brahman. Nada is sound. Sound is vibration. Om is the first vibration of sound and sound is the first manifestation of the absolute.

100% Light rayon. Red Om and sacred symbols on white background. Measures aprox. 36 x 74 inches. Unfinished edges. Hand wash recommended.

Also available as a scarf.

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